​Behind Comfort Home Solutions
     Behind every good company is a motivated, organized, innovative, and experienced entrepenuer. Comfort Home Solutions has Patrick Allen to thank for its conception. With over 26 years in the home improvement industry Patrick brings hands-on experience, both with tools in hand and at the helm of the business in general. As a family man, home owner, and skilled tradesman, Patrick understands the complexity of the industry and how it impacts clients. By putting this knowledge to work, he is innovating a new approach to home improvement. 
      As Patrick consistanty states, our companies Motto: "Innovating Quality with Comfort" is the core goal of all our endeavors. He expects every operation to be simplistic and comforting for his clients. Quality should never be compromised by company policies; therefore, the company policies must compliment the goal. At the forfront of thought and practice is Patricks' definition of the companies role in the industry:
       "Clients invest, and they need to feel secure in that investment. In order for them to achieve this, Comfort Home Solutions recognizes that we are the Investment, so all our efforts, down to the smallest task must be treated with value. We must personalize every project, make it our own, give the customer the feeling, we are family"
     Patrick is more than the Founder and President of the company. His title, Director of Operations, is just that, the mind behind the company. His role, and responsibilities keep him directly involved with the Ins and outs of the business and with each project. He mandates that a clear line of communication exists within every project, and that the customers comfort is # 1. He is hands-on to the point where he'll work right along side his employees to asure the clients expectations are met. 
    In our appreciation for his energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and with his ability to envoke the best in us, we will abide by the highest standards of professionalism and customer service to keep you coming back for more.
                                           Voice of Solidarity,
                              The Comfort Home Solutions Team.

"Innovating Quality with Comfort"
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Owner, Director of Operations, Patrick Allen, President, Founder
Founder, President and Director of Operations.
     I personnally want to thank you for visiting our on-line home, and for considering us to be your Home Improvement Contractor. It is my goal that with every new client, and completed project, my family grows. That we are to become your contractor of choice, the one you rely on for prompt, convient, and organized service. Our experience and knowledge lets us provide the quantity of services we offer. Our policies and practices are designed to provide you with comfort and security.
     I recongnize that my employees are my greatest asset, and that my clients are the cornerstone of my success. Holding true to these relationships keep my company grounded and growing. Come invest into us with all your home improvement needs, we are your solution.
                                                                Patrick Allen

Our Core Philosophies

           ​"Innovating Qulity with Comfort"

From new construction to renovations, the home improvement industry impacts the world we live in. With the consumption of gas and accumilation of waste, both in the field and the office, management of these issues is a mandate for us. With policy in place, we practice recycling, and the purchasing of recycle made products. Our vehicle usage is tightly controled, and our waste management has controls in place. We are diligant in our pursuit of ECO-Minded solutions.

​                                                              Low-Overhead
We practice a 'Purchase as you Produce Policy'. This policy is designed to keep the company as free from debt as possible. There are always expenses, but not everyone is a neccessity. Practicing this, we can continue to offer our customers fairer than average rates. Quality, convience, and durability don't have to cost a fortune. It also lets us sleep at night.

​                         Communication
It's our favorite tool in our tool box. We can design, build, modify and repair any project, but to complete a project with a happy, understanding, and appreciative customer, is done with this tool: Comminication. Assisting clients with understanding a projects requirements, processes, and of the variables involved, keeps the management of the project organized and defined. Our clients are comfortable, and secure, knowing we are giving them a proffessional, quailiy job.

Being the Investment
Some projects are simple, small, and unobtrusive to our customers, but there are those projects that are overhelming and expensive. It happens with the unexpected repairs and replacements of home components, such as: roofing, windows, leaks & flood damage, fires, and structural failures. And, it happens with multi-faceted projects such as renovations, and additions. No matter the reason, it's still an investment our clients make. By personalizing your project, maximizing your gain, and communicting thoroughly with you, we are the investment, an investent of services. We are here to manage, and produce for you.  

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